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Digital Marketing Course

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the crowd via our proven strategies to help land a digital marketing job fast.

2 - 3 weeks to complete

Banking and Finance Course

The inside scoop on what it takes to crack a high-paying job in the banking & finance industry.

2 - 3 weeks to complete

Make the perfect first impression by creating an error-proof CV using out templates and years of HR experience. 

CV Writing Course

1 - 2 weeks to complete


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Increased Collaboration with Influencers

Increased Collaboration with Influencers

Influencer marketing results in a win-win situation for both businesses and influencers. Businesses need a wider reach and influencers have the audience. Read about how influencers form subtle digital marketing.

Hiba Moideen

"Many regards" cc: nice and effective email reply

"Many regards" cc: nice and effective email reply

How many times have you read e-mails and felt a similarity between many of them? Stand out from other fresher graduates with three tips to write a concise and effective email reply.

Madeeha Hussain

How to Land a High Paying Job in Banking & Finance

How to Land a High Paying Job in Banking & Finance

From cutting edge insights, tips, case studies and interviews of professionals, here is a lowdown on what it takes to be successful in Banking & Finance and land a private job as a fresher graduate.

Ameneh Mohammadi

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