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Network & share. Make starting your career fun with connections that could last a lifetime.

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Webinars and courses, from UX and data science to branding and leadership skills.

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Find organizations ready to support your growth. Kickstart your career for a future that's aligned, resourced and rocking. You're inside.


Webinars & events to find the inside news on career and work- Learn from peers and chat with industry professionals.
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Ready to start a career that actually excites you? 

Not sure how to get your foot in the door? 


We got it all covered! From how to dress and make a first impression at interview to real email templates that you can use when reaching out to recruiters.


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Meet Zainab & Kenan

We started out just like you, helped friends and family just like you, then built Ojo just for you.

We have spent our careers in helping top organisations hire the best talent and develop the innovative ways to train and empower their employees. With our collective knowledge, we have cracked the code on what organisations *really* look for in candidates, how to nail applications and thrive in the world of work.

From the Blog

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips that get Results

Our co-founder Kenan breaks down tips and tricks to get noticed by hiring managers on LinkedIn.

15+ questions to ask at an Interview

There is an art to asking the right questions at a job interview. Learn it with our co-founder Zainab.

Resume Tips that will get you Hired

Watch Ameneh take you through the secrets for creating a perfect CV that stands out .

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Learn the Basics of Market Research

Learn how to tap into already existing data and sources to help you analyze your industry, competitors, financing opportunities and current & potential customers.

Oct 20th, 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Ojo helped me get from Point A to Point Z with my job search. What to do pre-interview, how to describe my experiences on my resume, how to answer questions - I have understood it all at Ojo. 

At Ojo, I learnt which areas I can upskill in, how to be more assertive in interviews and respond with confidence. It really helped me grow my professional network and meet mentors from different industries.

Ojo guided me to discover where my strengths are and which career options I should explore. They cleared all my doubts around finding professional opportunities, preparing myself to ace them and starting my career

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