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We're for the dreamers — the generation who'll use new tools to fix old systems. We're for getting ahead with real world experience—because you dared to be inspired by a world you knew was out there. We're for learning from the doers — not the talkers.

We're for never having to do it alone — because we know how bad it feels to start out lost.

And we know how good it feels to find your Ojo.




They Say

Everyone is your competition

You call that a real job

Why can't you be more like...

Only who you know counts

You should know this already

The Ojo Way

We're stronger together


Follow your passion


Trust the process, love your journey


Nothing succeeds like talent


No question is a stupid question





We started out just like you, helped friends and family just like you, then built Ojo just for you.

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To found Ojo, Zainab gave up being Principal Consultant and Center of Excellence lead in Learning Transformation Programmes for IBM’s Talent and Transformation practice in London, UK.

Zainab's leveraged expertise in Learning and Development, to help transform the way organisations learn. Zainab's worked across top consulting organisations: Deloitte, Appirio (Wipro) and IBM - and has led projects with clients like Royal Bank of Scotland, Travelex, Johnson, Michelin, Veeam and Unilever.

Zainab recently led learning strategy at a major bank, to enable their transition into a social learning approach - adopting user-generated content, AI driven analytics, and virtual reality for learning.


Kenan has over seven years' experience of working as a senior recruiter within the technology and transformation space in London, UK. He has worked with clients such as BBC, The Financial Times and Net-A-Porter building and scaling agile and product teams.

His projects ranged from supporting the UK's most significant publishers' transition from print to digital, to supporting major digital transformations within the public and private sector.

More recently Kenan was Head of the CIO practice at one of the UK's leading executive search firms, placing and coaching executives navigating through the next chapter of their careers.

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Helping young friends and family bridge the gap between their dreams and their careers became a hobby, then a passion, then a startup.

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