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What is the Ojo Community?

FAQ Community

Ojo Community is an online platform for students, graduates and young professionals looking to connect with each other, share experiences and get questions answer.

We've created courses that give you insider information from industry experts, arming you with the knowledge to select a role and company that truly suits you. In our courses we give you guidance on how to ace the application and interview process.

What do members get?

FAQ Members

Ojo Community members get free unlimited access to insights on acing job application, interview tips and hacks, online and offline events, courses and coaching sessions with recruiters that have hired for BBC, Playstation, Financial Times and more.

We have a FREE ebook to get a teaser of some of the things you need to prepare yourself post graduation.

How do I find jobs?

FAQ Jobs

We list verified fresher friendly jobs daily! We help students, graduates and young professionals get jobs at dream companies that value talent.

We also share application differentiating tips along with each job post. For proactive students looking to get an edge or trying to standout to potential employers we have industry tailored courses.

What courses do you offer?

FAQ Courses

We partnered with top professionals in each industry to create courses that give you the edge in your industry of choice. Unlike other courses that teach how to do the job, our course teach you how to GET the job and really grow in the role.

  • CV Booster

  • Banking and Finance

  • Digital Marketing

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