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Business Development Executive


Dubai, UAE

Job Type

Full time


Online Retail


Negotiation, Persuasive skills, Communication

About this Role

You will be required to build and extend the network of affiliate shops, build and maintain a comprehensive database of shops and contacts for UAE, find new ways of approaching stores and convincing them to join InstaShop, assist and Cooperate with other Business Development Managers, devise business development techniques and tactics, plan, organize, and execute business development programs and share insights and activities of competitors with Field Marketing Analyst.

  • Superb clarity in communication

  • Top class persuasive skills

  • Negotiation experience

  • Excellent written, and verbal communication skills in English

  • Able to quickly adapt and take advantage of seemingly unfavorable

  • Commercial awareness

  • Business or engineering related to bachelor/masters preferred

Ojo Insights

1. Showcase your interest in business development and emphasize your passion for key functions such as research, planning, monitoring, and maintaining relationships. Talk in detail about any certifications/courses you may have undertaken relating to stakeholder analysis, problem-solving, and/or researching.

2. Mention any prior internship experience in collaborating with large teams or knowledge in negotiation and persuasion in your CV, cover letter, and emails; it can really strengthen your profile.

3. Be sure to mention the characteristics of adaptability, innovation, and commercial awareness in your CV.

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