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Content Associate


Dubai, UAE

Job Type

Full time


Internet Shopping


Analytical, Communication, Organization, Independent

About this Role

You will be required to carry out database management (barcodes, prices, images, tags, substitutes, etc.), coordinate with shops and developing/deploying discount campaigns, develop a substitution map for our product replacement procedure, and monitor customer feedback on missing or requested products and take action.

  • Strong oral, written, and verbal communication skills in English and Arabic

  • Able to perform complex tasks that require a high level of focus

  • Solid analytical skills and market research background

  • Adequate command of excel

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Ability to work independently or in groups

Ojo Insights

1. Make sure your cover letter and CV have compelling content. You are applying for an e-commerce job where you will be selling products based on your creative skills.

2. Include a link to your articles or any blogs you have written in an additional page supplementing your CV. If you have a portfolio, be sure to include the link to it at the start of the CV.

3. Ensure familiarity with the InstaShop app and its social media. And be sure to mention soft skills such as organization, and attention to detail, in your CV.

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