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Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Job Type

Full time


Consumer Electronics


Self-directed, listening skills, people skills, communication

About this Role

As a Creative, your main role at the Apple Store is that of instructor, whether guiding small groups to learn or helping individuals complete projects. You use your presentation skills to act as a facilitator, helping users get set up, get trained, and get going. But you're also an excellent listener, taking the time to understand what each user hopes to achieve or learn. By adjusting your teaching style to each user's individual skill level, you maximize his or her understanding and your own time. You recognize that purchasing a new product can sometimes help customers attain their goals. You spend much of your time leading scheduled training sessions, but you're still comfortable interacting with store customers between those sessions. You're proud to enrich the lives of others  - whether customers or team members  - through teaching, in the way only a Creative can.

  • Passion for education and ability to instruct in a “hands-off” manner, letting users learn by doing.

  • Ability to teach small groups and coach multiple customers simultaneously.

  • Tenacity to work with users until they truly become independent and able to create on their own.

Additional requirements:

  • You’re comfortable selling as well as teaching, helping your team members out as needed.

  • You’re self-motivated and self-directed, and can adhere to a tightly structured training schedule.

  • You can be adept at recommending other in-store support options, such as business services and the Genius Bar.

  • Multilingual ability is a plus.

  • You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Ojo Insights

1. If you have internship experience for similar roles, it can really strengthen your profile. Do not forget to update your CV during the process of applying. To get hired, don't forget to mention knowledge of Apple products and services.

2. Try and portray your people skills and confidence to manage executive relationships on your CV. Roles like this usually seek these qualities in candidates. Incorporate industry keywords and buzzwords into your resume, but don’t overdo it.

3. Demonstrate that you are able to handle pressure and a high volume of tasks in a result-oriented environment. Supplement this with your experience as a part of Sports teams or University events. Don't forget to mention if you have any experience working with or leading a large team at university or previous job roles.

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