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Customer Advisory Intern


Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Information Technology & Services


Communication, Leadership, Willingness to learn

About this Role

The SAS Solutions expert, who has the power to simplify and communicate with the customers' complex technical issues in an easy way. The best collaborator of the salespeople, always ready to discover, study, and learn something more and innovative in Solutions, Technical, and customer domain. The presentation’s gurus; create pilot and proof of concept to demonstrate how SAS Solution can solve business problems and reach customer needs

  • Enrolled in a degree seeking program and not graduating prior to December 2020.

  • Have strong communication skills - both written and verbal.

  • Be a leader. You’re the one sitting in the front row of the class.

  • Embrace technology. You geek out over the latest and greatest!

Ojo Insights

1. Customer Advisory requires good communication and problem-solving skills. To get hired, don't forget to mention strong communication skills and knowledge of SAS products and services.

2. Talk about any previous internship experience you may have and don't forget to mention the skills of being friendly, supportive, and able to stay calm under pressure.

3. Add a technical skills section to mention your knowledge in Microsoft Office or any relevant certifications.

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