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Digital Marketing Specialist


Dubai, UAE

Job Type

Full time


Car Rental


Time management, Technical skills, Hardworking

About this Role

You will be required to recommend strategies to improve Marketing and ensure adequate market penetration, increase department/company profitability, work on Organic Marketing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, initiate Paid Marketing Campaigns for Search Engine, Display, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Maps, coordinate with Customers and Internal Staff for Online Reputation Management, create attractive and professional posters for Social Media and write Blogs and generate Backlinks for Off-Page SEO activities. You will also need to make the company the most effective and admired vehicle hire and lease business in the UAE, conduct market research in the different market segments and collect information on the market conditions and competitor’s initiatives and pricing, assist the Sales / Marketing team to achieve their respective targets, understand the customer feedbacks and suggest customer service standards, present routine Marketing performance to General Manger for review, promote the name of DIAMONDLEASE, provide training to the employees on Brand promotion, online reputation, lead management etc., coordinate with Website support providers and hosting team, wherever required and any additional tasks assigned by Management related to Digital Marketing activities.

  • Certified AdWords mobile, video, search and display advertising

  • Certified Google Analytics and Google shopping

  • SEO, SEM, Display and Social Advertising

  • Advanced Analytics and reporting

  • Advanced Website Tracking (Google Tag Manager)

  • Digital Training Skills

  • Coding Languages: HTML, PHP, JavaScript and more

Ojo Insights

1. If you have previous experience in running marketing campaigns or social media management, they should be the focus of your email, CV and cover letter.

2. Since knowledge of various marketing tools is necessary to get hired, please ensure that you list your familiarity with these tools in a highly visible area of your CV. Not just that, you can use a 5 point scale to demonstrate your level of comfort with each tool.

3. Make sure your cover letter and CV have compelling content. To prove your mettle, write in a compelling manner to sell your skills.

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