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Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Job Type

Full time


Consumer Electronics


People skills, Communication

About this Role

As an Expert, you are a leader in sales, product knowledge, and solutions, and highly influential in how you engage with customers. But you also know how to turn mild customer curiosity into intense interest  - and ownership. As new products and initiatives emerge, you are the first to learn, share, and inspire your team members through approachability and action. You always meet, and at times exceed, your established performance goals. You're proud to represent Apple, and you exemplify that in all your interactions with customers.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in technology, particularly Apple products, and the ability to quickly learn about new products.

  • Proven experience in sales and technology solutions, as well as in developing customer loyalty.

  • Ability to consistently deliver great customer experiences — no matter what the situation.

Additional Requirements:

  • You’re passionate about Apple, and you inspire and educate others about all that Apple has to offer.

  • You can set the standard for Apple’s unique style of service through words and action.

  • You have strong people skills — you’re approachable, a good listener, and empathetic.

  • You can serve as an engaging role model for Specialists.

  • Multilingual ability is a plus.

  • You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Ojo Insights

1. If you have internship experience for similar roles in other competitor companies, it can really strengthen your profile. Do not forget to update your CV during the process of applying. To get hired, don't forget to mention knowledge of Apple products and services.

2. Try and portray your people skills and confidence to manage executive relationships on your CV. Try and express these qualitative skills using your project experiences or past internships. Be sure to incorporate these traits- proactiveness, team player, excellent communication, and people skills.

3. Demonstrate that you are able to handle pressure and a high volume of tasks in a result-oriented environment. Supplement this with your experience as a part of Sports teams or University events.

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