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Financial Operations Intern


Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Information Technology & Services


Organization, Communication, Teamwork

About this Role

You will be required to review financial documents, reimbursement of bills, maintain the financial system, assist in registering the general ledger, preparing accounting statements, and preparing financial statements, analyze financial revenue and expenditure, regularly check and analyze the implementation of financial plans and budgets, fixed assets accounting and inventory, business-related work such as tenders and contracts, other financial and administrative related work.

  • Full-time graduate students from regular universities, majors in finance;

  • Office internship arrangements for at least 3 days a week and 6 months or more are acceptable, and can start work as soon as possible; the longest internship period is preferred;

  • Proficiency in using common office software and various network resources, skill in using financial software is preferred

  • Can complete document drafting and edit independently;

  • Cheerful personality, clear organization, good communication skills, mutual help and teamwork spirit.

Ojo Insights

1. Showcase your interest in Finance by talking in detail about any certifications or courses you may have undertaken.

2. If you have prior internship/work experience for similar roles, it can really strengthen your profile. If not, talk about any financial reporting related functions you may have undertaken at university. If you got an opportunity to work on any Financial software during these internships, talk about it on your application.

3. Familiarity with Microsoft applications like Excel, Powerpoint, and Word are pre-requisites for most graduate jobs and internships, ensure you have a Software knowledge section in your CV to highlight your knowledge.

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