HR Intern

RRHH Mollet

Dubai, UAE

Job Type





Motivation, Adaptability, Proactive

About this Role

You will be required to support the Department of Recruitment and Selection of personnel in the insertion and publication of job offers, as well as in the curricular screening and selection of CVs for the assigned processes. You wil also be involved in Recruitment through active searches on different job portals as well as in conducting telephone/face to face interviews and tests for each profile.

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Motivation to learn and know the HR sector.

  • High customer orientation

  • Adaptability

  • Proactive attitude towards work and the organization

Ojo Insights

1. If you have had any previous experience in HR at an international company, this should be the highlight of your CV.

2. Talk about subjects or projects you were a part of during your University that could complement job requirements.

3. Don't forget to highlight your technical skills & knowledge about different softwares.

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