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Time management, Communication

About this Role

You will be required to assist the team with the execution of the MENA PR strategy and plans. You will be expected to suggest innovative ideas for engaging content, build relationships with all relevant stakeholders and assist in the management of content distribution.

Additionally, the candidate must be able to provide assistance in scheduling and coordinating of different events, conduct research and analysis on designated topics, support with administrative duties and optimize work processes to manage team resources.

  • Current undergraduate or postgraduate student.

  • Good verbal and written communications skills in English and Arabic.

  • Can work at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 4 months (Availability on Sunday is required).

  • Major in Journalism, English, International Relations or Public Affairs is preferred.

  • Curiosity and strong interest in the industry.

Ojo Insights

Be sure to mention your interest in the field of Public/International relations and explain any knowledge or certifications you may have relating to the job.
If you have any prior internship experience for similar roles, it can really strengthen your profile. Talk about any previous experience in generating working with teams, creating engaging content, social media analytics and technical experience.
If you have previous experience in working on market research, new product launches, and/or coordinating events, they should be the focus of your email, CV, and cover letter.

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