Marketing Specialist


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Project management, CRM tools, Organizational skills

About this Role
  • You will be working on real business projects from SchemaZone or any of its sister companies.

  • Under close supervision from your project director and project orientation by experienced professionals, you will get a chance to experience an international work environment while gaining a Canadian experience.

  • This is a fully Remote, Intensive, Flexible part-time internship (10 hrs/week).

  • Priority to be selected for a full-time position at SchemaZone or any of its sister companies.

  • Training certificate from Reach Academy.

Ojo Insights

Application Tracking Systems look for keywords in the CV and Cover Letter of applicants. Here are some experiences you should talk about-

1. If you have had any previous experience in marketing, PR, or Communications at an international company, this should be the highlight of your CV.

2. Define your CV with a section to highlight any projects or assignments you would have taken on during university. Organizing & managing events on campus within your discipline can show strong interpersonal skills & a team player mindset.

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