Media Manager

Procter & Gamble

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Type

Entry Level


Consumer Goods


Analytical, Entrepreneurial, Leadership skills

About this Role
  • The candidate will be required to engage with multi-disciplinary teams with people from Sales, Finance, Product Supply, Advertising, and Media Agencies to develop top strategies. 

  • You will also lead a mix of Marketing and Brand Management projects.

  • Analytical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.

  • Work together with Marketing Technologist to enable deliver a consumer-centric data strategy.

  • Efficiently execute media functions such as brand awareness and performance and achieve .briefed objectives.

  • Look for efficiencies and ensure harmonies between media vehicles.

  • Connect externally to get in touch with industry & consumer trends.

Ojo Insights

1. P&G believes that a successful Marketing Employee must possess the right mix of courageousness, helpfulness, trustworthiness. Emphasizing these traits on your CV, cover letter and email increase your chances of being recruited.

2. If you have any prior experience for similar roles in other competitor companies, it can really strengthen your profile. If any, talk about any previous experience in developing marketing plans, working with cross-functional teams, and executing marketing tactics.

3. Be sure to include qualities of innovation, long term visions, and missions on your application to stand out.

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