Operations Assistant

Gucci Dubai

Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Luxury Goods & Jewelry, Retail


Detail-oriented, willingness to learn

About this Role

You will be required to support store management and the sales process- put displays in place, keep stock level inventory, payment transactions, fitting or garment alterations. You will also need to coordinate operational activities of stores, monitor the flow of products, ensure the store is kept well stocked, support store projects (changes in opening and closing times, renovations or relocation, etc.) and liaise with necessary departments to coordinate an action rollout plan within deadline and budget.

  • University students

  • Flexible in working

  • Attention to detail

  • Hard working

  • Passionate about fashion and merchandising

Ojo Insights

1. If you have had any previous experience in an administrative or merchandising/store-management role, this should be the highlight of your CV.

2. Talk about subjects or projects you were a part of during your University that could complement job requirements.

3. Don't forget to highlight your technical skills & knowledgein your field of study.

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