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Operations Expert


Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Job Type

Full time


Consumer Electronics


Problem-solving, Leadership, Organizational skills, Deadline-oriented

About this Role

As an  Operations Expert, you and your team have the incredible responsibility of ensuring products take the final step in the supply chain: getting into customers' hands. You're in charge of the store's entire inventory - products, parts, tools, supplies, and everything else. You make sure your team has the support, knowledge, and resources required to maintain product availability, complete inventory tasks, and keep the stockroom organized as new products arrive. You're in constant contact with the management and leadership teams, sharing data about the status of products and parts. And when exciting new products arrive, you're the first to open them up and present them to the entire store team. Apple makes the products, but you make it happen by being ready to place our products in customers' hands.

  • Ability to think quickly and perform problem-solving tasks, even within changing conditions.

  • Leadership skills, whether guiding by example or coaching a group.

  • Strong organizational skills, quickly evaluating every situation.

Additional requirements:

  • You can manage and meet multiple inventory deadlines each week.

  • You’re willing to observe guidelines to allow secure access to products and movement through the stockroom.

  • Multilingual ability is a plus.

  • You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Ojo Insights

1. If you have had any previous experience in an administrative or operations role, this should be the highlight of your CV.

2. Talk about subjects or projects you were a part of during your University that could complement job requirements.

3. Don't forget to highlight your technical skills & knowledge in your field of study. And mention all the above-mentioned soft skills such as curiosity, willingness to learn, and growth mindset.

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