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Research Intern


Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Marketing & Advertising


Willing to learn, Self-discipline, Analytical, Communication

About this Role

You will be required to proactively seek to understand your client’s business and look for ways to use this knowledge to improve the work you do, create professional communications including emails, presentation materials, telephone calls, and face to face meetings, ensure good relationships with the client are maintained by ensuring all Reports and requests are delivered on time and correct and where appropriate, answer client queries with support from your line manager. You will also need to seek solutions to problems when they arise, take ownership of client reports and any ad-hoc requests, be responsible for/involved in producing the regular deliverables of data, undertake the implementation of report quality control, carrying out changes to client report specs, be able to retrieve data and understand the output from Powerview, Big 6 and any other software systems required, develop competence in charting and be able to produce basic presentation decks and demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, focus on accuracy at all times.

  • Provide a high level of attention to detail

  • Operate as a friendly, flexible, and willing to learn

  • Communicate effectively

  • Organize own work and prioritize independently if required

  • Be dependable and take responsibility for your own work

  • Bring enthusiasm and energy to the role

  • Be inquisitive and interested in exploring theories, subjects – and using the available analytical tools to aid them

  • Be self-disciplined in their approach to their work and learning

  • Listen and seek feedback and take on board suggestions to help develop knowledge and skills

Ojo Insights

1. If you have had any previous experience in Research at an international company, this should be the highlight of your CV. Mention if you have any taken any courses or certifications in this field.

2. Talk about subjects or projects you were a part of during your University that could complement job requirements.

3. Don't forget to highlight your technical skills and mention how you have applied the above-mentioned qualities during any university projects, events, competitions, or prior work experience. And also mention all the soft skills given above.

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