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Search Engine Optimization Intern


Dubai, UAE

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Time management, Deadline-oriented, Efficient

About this Role

With the help of a dedicated mentor, you will work on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focused proficiency. You will participate in guided projects led by industry mentors, understand how the SEO proficiency works, which tools to use, and apply the best practices on real projects, and once you have completed the SEO cohort, you will get access to exclusive paid corporate projects within this proficiency.

  • Recent graduates

  • A background in digital marketing

  • Knowledge or experience working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a keen desire to learn

  • Ability to spend at least 20 hours a week on projects

  • Ability to work effectively and meet deadlines

  • Creative with new ideas and understanding of emerging digital marketing tools and platforms

From Qureos: How to apply?

  1. Go to the LINK (

  2. Sign up with your email address to Qureos

  3. Click on ‘Get Started’ on the Qureos Talent Hub page

  4. Select a category

  5. Select a proficiency

  6. Select a cohort

  7. Click ‘Apply Now’

  8. Fill out an application form and submit

Ojo Insights

1. Showcase your interest in SEO Marketing by talking in detail about any certifications or courses you may have undertaken.

2. If you have internship experience for similar roles in other competitor companies, it can really strengthen your profile. If not, talk about any projects you might have undertaken during your university in the same field. If you got an opportunity to work on SEO methods during these internships, talk about it on your application.

3. Include a link to your articles or any blogs you have written in an additional page supplementing your CV.

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