Social Media Marketing Intern

The Dubai Future

Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Management Consulting


Willingness to learn, Hardworking, Result-oriented, Curious, Communication

About this Role

You will be required to plan and manage Social Media Profiles, create content, edit videos (using Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro), conduct UX design (using Figma and Canva) and also be involved in graphic designing.

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing or similar

  • Open minded and continues learning approach

  • Passion for Social Media

  • Extremely ambitious

  • Hard worker and result oriented

  • Curious

  • Excellent English language skills

Ojo Insights

1. Research on the hiring company, and understand their existing social media. Now, if you have had an internship experience in the past with a similar job role, tailor the description within your CV to match their requirements.

2. Add a technical skills section that would make your candidacy stand out. Don't forget to add information on courses & certifications.

3. Use the projects & achievements section to highlight any recent social media ventures you might have worked on during your university as part of assignments. You can add a link to your project within the CV, as this raises credibility for you to do a good job.

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