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Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Job Type

Full time


Consumer Electronics


Management skills, Communication, People skills, Time management

About this Role

As a Specialist, you’re highly skilled at uncovering customers’ needs, then following through with enlightening solutions. Not only are you the first person customers meet when they enter the store, but you’re also the person who guides them — advising, selling, and even setting up their new products. You perform other roles within the store too, whether it’s maintaining visual merchandising or assisting team members. Always curious, you stay on top of news about products and initiatives, ready to apply your learning in customer interactions. Your success is measured by team and individual productivity as well as overall store performance. You’re proud to represent Apple, and you get great satisfaction from helping customers develop lifelong relationships with Apple.

  • Strong interest in technology, particularly Apple products, and agility at learning new products and features.

  • Ability to deliver great customer experiences in any environment and to be invigorated by constant personal interaction.

  • Strong communication skills that let you converse as freely and comfortably with small groups as with individual customers.

Additional requirements:

  • You have excellent time management skills and can make decisions quickly.

  • You maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting and solving issues.

  • You reassure customers when delivering product diagnoses and potential solutions.

  • Multilingual ability is a plus.

  • You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

Ojo Insights

1. Showcase your interest in brand specialist by talking in detail about any certifications or courses you may have undertaken.

2. If you have any prior internship experience for similar roles, it can really strengthen your profile. Mention key words for the job requirements listed above.

3. Don't forget to mention your knowledge in the products offered by Apple.

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