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Dubai, UAE

Job Type



Mental Health Care


Hardworking, Time management, Philanthropy

About this Role

You will be participating as an Associate Researcher in the updation of the Version 4.1 of the Health, Fitness & Behavior, Global Habit Formation Community Framework. The Intership is online, with occational Meetings (where and when applicable). People with interests in any of the following fields could apply:

  • Medicine

  • Mental Health

  • Psychology

  • Coaching/Counseling

  • Nutrition

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Community Support/Social Work

Volunteers are also welcome for Community Support, Content Creation, Social Media Contribution.

  • Skill Level Requried- Intermediate

  • Working time- 2-10 Hours per week

  • Available to work for 3 to 12 months

Ojo Insights

1. If you have had any previous experience in an administrative role, this should be the highlight of your CV.

2. Talk about subjects or projects you were a part of during your University that could complement job requirements.

3. Don't forget to highlight your technical skills & knowledgein your field of study.

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